Powerflush is a simple and innovative way of cleaning and improving the efficiency of your central heating system.

If your central heating system suffers from any of the symptoms detailed below, it would certainly benefit from Power Flushing.

  • Central heating system is slow to warm up
  • Some radiators are partially or completely cold
  • Radiators require frequent bleeding
  • Water in radiators is discoloured
  • The boiler makes kettle banging noises
  • Central heating has repeated pump failures

Many of our customers are choosing for us to Powerflush their system in order to make the system more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, reduce the fuel bills, and avoid many of the common and often costly problems that affect central heating systems.

A Powerflush can restore circulation and efficiency to your central heating system by removing undesirable by-products. This process cleans the system under pressure, replacing aggressive water with clean water that is chemically treated with corrosion inhibitors to help prevent similar problems in the future.

When a new boiler is installed in an existing system most boiler manufacturers insist on a full Powerflush being carried out to clean all pipework, radiators and ancillary equipment prior to boiler installation, as a condition of the boiler warranty. Please note that on old systems Powerflushing may dislodge corrosion, which could cause leaks to show up, and these would need to be repaired..

Our plumbers are fully trained in the Powerflush system and will ensure that the sludge removal and de-scaling processes are carried out cleanly and with the minimum disruption to your home and routine. This process is completed in most homes within a day, depending on the size of the system..



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